Academic Calendar @ WHU Campus Vallendar

Please find below the most important dates for our BSc and MSc Exchange Program on our Vallendar campus.

Attention! From Fall 2013 onwards, the academic calendar for our BSc and MSc Exchange Program differs from the academic calendar for our MBA Exchange Program on our Düsseldorf campus. Please click here to look up the academic calendar for our MBA Exchange Program.

A semester in our BSc and MSc Programs is split up in two quarters. Each quarter is 8 weeks long and ends with an exam period.

Please click here to find information about the official public holidays in our province Rhineland-Palatinate.

Spring 2015
Semester January 6 to April 30 (including exams)*
Quarter III January 6 to February 27*
Quarter IV March 2 to April 30*
Mandatory orientation January 5
Fall 2015
Semester September 1 to December 18*
Quarter I September 1 to October 24*
Quarter II October 26 to December 18*
Mandatory orientation August 27 to 28
Spring 2016
Semester January 7 to May 6 (including exams)*
Quarter III January 7 to March 5*
Quarter IV March 7 to May 6*
Mandatory orientation January 5 to 6

*The dates usually include exams, but a few exams might take place during the week after the end of quarter I or III.

academic calendar at WHU Campus Vallendar