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The entrepreneurial spirit has long fostered at our Alma Mater. With each class, more and more students are drawn in by the idea of starting their own business and a growing number of WHU alumni impress with their entrepreneurial success stories that started directly after or even during their studies. The WHU Incubator is the central starting point for all students seeking to start a venture – it forms a forum for entrepreneurship in practice at WHU.

We explicitly invite external partners to join our efforts to start more successful companies. Please contact Karl Dieterich for further information (Karl.Dieterich@whu.edu).

Registration for WHU Incubator newsletter: http://eepurl.com/voT59

Benefits of WHU Incubator

Focus of the support we provide to teams is the so-called "pre-seed-stage": Admitted teams will spend between two and six months in the WHU Incubator program. During this time, they work on a "proof of concept" and the WHU Incubator accelerates those efforts with the following services:

  • Start-up funding and infrastructure
  • Free access to our partner network of service providers, such as legal counseling, communication agency etc.
  • Regular coaching regarding the implementation of the idea but also the personal development of the founders
  • Close collaboration and mentoring with members from alumni network In Praxi
  • Assistance in obtaining follow-on funding

Insight into our work

WHU Incubator will cater for students of all programs of the WHU-Otto Beisheim School of Management. To our events we invite entrepreneurs or business angels – to most we maintain close or personal ties - that thanks to the intimate WHU atmosphere share more in depth and concretes insides from their work than they would at conferences and fairs. This proves to be extremely valuable for young teams.

Internally at WHU, the incubator is well connected and gets supported by all departments such as Career Services, where for instant we collaborate for the WHU Start-Up Career Day.

As part of the incubation program, there are pitching days held on campus in front of a jury of business angels and venture capitalists that can be a starting point for a seed financing round for the venture and provide the teams with valuable feedback. Other events include start-up tours to entrepreneurial hubs such as Berlin to visit start-ups and experience the entrepreneurial spirit. The various occasions to get in contact and discuss own ideas with entrepreneurs and business angels present a significant advantages when starting your own business.

Contact with external partners

Besides helping completely new teams, WHU Incubator sees itself as a partner for organizations that want to collectively do business e.g. in the form of spin-offs of existing companies or research institutes. In addition to match teams that are in need of business and execution know-how for their idea, we maintain close ties to studies and teaching conducted at WHU which can provide additional value when evaluating markets, defining e.g. market entry strategies or generally increasing the awareness of the business model inherent in an idea. We especially encourage and drive the formation of interdisciplinary teams which has proven to add considerably to the development of the business concept. We already successfully have implemented that idea some WHU program such as the EMBA und Master of Science as well as Bachelor Program. Please contact Karl Dieterich directly when interested that kind of collaboration (Karl.Dieterich(at)whu.edu).

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