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Business: WHU on Controlling

Our mission: We accompany the transformation of Controlling and the profession of controllers. In the last two decades, we have called for

  • a broad perspective on Controlling that is not restricted to information supply and planning
  • a fit of all relevant management control systems ("Controlling as a package")
  • a focus on actors, not systems, and the interaction of controllers and managers
  • a professional association of controllers in German-language countries

As a matter of fact, we have observed a fundamental transformation of what controllers do and what Controlling is considered to be in German-languague corporate practice. Today, we hypothesize another round of fundamental transformation in the Finance Function which has already started to take place. Drivers include

  • trends in information technology enabling real-time processing of large amounts of data and self service for managers
  • globalization and international standardization of finance function practices
  • lncreased pressure and a higher volatility of the environment

We are committed to continue accompanying executives in the Finance Function, and in particular the controller Profession, with research on the counterpart role, for example, by analysing

  • the development of controller and CFO roles given the aforementioned trends
  • the interaction of corporate policeman, business partner and a mere supporting role of the Controller
  • the tension between involvement and independence, analysis and intuition as well as control and Innovation
  • organizational change in the controller function
  • the impact of CFO and controller characteristics on the design and use of controlling Systems
Utz Schäffer
Professor Jürgen Weber and Professor Utz Schäffer

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