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Chair of Organizational Behavior

Employees’ engagement is a crucial source for company performance. As it is hard to imitate, it becomes a strategic advantage for companies in the global race of competition. Increasing employees’ motivation to engage for the company goals thus becomes one of the managers’ central tasks. Therefore, our main interest is to understand the driving forces of employee motivation, to explore how employees collaborate, and how they can be lead successfully. Only if we understand that people are a firm’s most critical resource, than we can build truly high performing organizations.



Research Project 'Bribery Tackling Tactics'

Prof. Müthel received fundings from Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG) for her research project 'Bribery Tackling Tactics - Corruption Fighting Behavior at the Individual Level'.


New Publication in the Journal of Cross-Cultural Psychology

M. P. M. Chong, T. Peng, P. P. Fu, M. Richards, M. Muethel, M. P. Caldas, Y. F. Shang (accepted): Relational Perspectives on Leaders’ Influence Behavior: The Mediation of Western Leader-Member Exchange (LMX) and Chinese [...]