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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

WHU Alumni support Studium Generale – 30,000 € per year for three years approved

In Praxi, the alumni association of WHU, is supporting WHU with 30,000 Euro per year for three years (2011-2013), to finance the Studium Generale programs. Dean of WHU, Prof. Dr. Michael Frenkel, and Prof. Dr. Thorsten Sellhorn, academic director of the Studium Generale, express their thanks to the alumni representatives Markus H. Henning, chairman of the foundation, and Harry Schmitz, deputy chairman and chief financial officer of the In Praxi Foundation, for their financial support. This gratitude also extends to the highly productive and faithful cooperation during the new concept development of the Studium Generale.

The Studium Generale plays an important role in promoting the personal development and social competence of students. The Studium Generale, an integral part of the program of studies at WHU, addresses in a special way WHU’s goal to develop and train future business leaders who will be personally successful in their business lives and who will actively promote the welfare of their companies and society.

The recently approved financial support demonstrates the extraordinary level of engagement of the alumni for their Alma Mater, as a large part of the In Praxi membership dues are donated to WHU. Additionally, direct private donations are added from alumni as well as individual donation drives on behalf of WHU, to which the alumni association encourages its members to donate. In addition to financial support, many alumni are also personally involved with WHU, for example as examiners during the selection of new students or as practical instructors or seminar leaders.

In Praxi –WHU Alumni Association, founded in 1988 by the graduates of the first graduating class, is an independent organization, led and financed by members, whose members maintain a close connection to each other and to the school even after their degrees are finished. The association In Praxi e.V. has more than 2,300 members from all degree programs at WHU. More than 90 percent of each graduating class become members in the alumni association and profit from its international network. In Praxi is represented by regional groups in 65 countries on all continents. Not only WHU and the alumni but also current and future students profit from this large community.