Excellence in

Career Service

The university’s Career Center is the point of contact between companies, students as well as alumni of the WHU and supports these stakeholders. It initiates contact with the companies and organizes numerous company presentations, an annual Career Day during the fall semester and the recruiting fair Master Your Career during the spring semester. Especially the prospective graduates of the MBA class are the focus group of the Master Your Career fair.

A weekly newsletter provides students with information about events, job and internship offers as well as news of the corporate network. Moreover, numerous events offer excellent opportunities to make personal contact with company representatives. With its corporate network the Career Service supports students in their search for project and final theses as well as career entry. Thus, resumes of graduates are published in the MBA resume book and sent to selected companies.  

Our Network

The WHU’s corporate network includes companies such as Allianz, Bain & Company, Bertelsmann, The Boston Consulting Group, BP, Deutsche Post, Deutsche Bank, Lufthansa, Metro, JPMorgan, RWE, Siemens, Vodafone, just to mention a few. In addition, there are numerous annual launches of own companies of WHU graduates as for instance bab.la, eBay, hitflip.de, KaufDA, Minewolf Systems and Sushi-Factory.

The close relationship with the corporate community is also reflected in the fact that several members of the teaching faculty serve as members of corporate supervisory boards or scientific advisory boards. Further, the adjunct faculty includes Honorary Professors such as Paul Achleitner, CFO, Allianz or Bolko von Oetinger, Senior Partner, Boston Consulting Group.