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MBA 2011 Brand and Price Management
Contacts hour per week
Fassnacht, Martin
o Definition of a brand
o Strategic implications of branding
o Brand and business building
Strategic decisions
o Market segmentation and targeting
o Brand identity and positioning
o Launching the brand
Management of existing brands
o Line extension
o Growth through brand extensions
o Multibrand portfolios
o Brand repositioning/ elimination
Brand valuation
o Evaluating brand valuation methods
o The nine steps to brand valuation
o Theoretical perspective of price management
o Price management in practice
Pricing Process
o Price management and strategy
o Price management and analysis
o Price management and decision making
o Price management and implementation
o Price management and monitoring
Basic Marketing Knowledge
Course description
Students participating in this course will learn how companies can create value for their customers with adequate offerings and how, on the other hand, exchange value in terms of adequate prices can be obtained by appropriate consideration of customers' willingness to pay.

The objective of this course is to provide detailed insights into important concepts and tools regarding brand and price management, the two core activities in the context of shaping a company's market offerings. In the case of brand management the focus is set on the brand life cycle (launching new brands, management of existing brands and brand valuation). Within the scope of price management participants will get familiarized with different approaches to pricing and the management of pricing processes.
Teaching methods
Guest Lectures (15%), Lecture (70%), Classroom Discussion (15%)
50% Case
50% Exam
A variety of concepts and theories from the fields of both brand and price management.
Kapferer, Jean-Noël (2004): The new strategic brand management: creating and sustaining brand equity long term, 3rd Ed., London and Sterling: Kogan Page.
Further literature
Will be announced at the beginning of class.
Method of examination