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MBA 2012 Financial Accounting
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Sellhorn, Thorsten
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This course introduces students to financial accounting by for-profit entities (including sole proprietor-ships, partnerships, and corporations) from a user perspective. A user perspective implies that the course is not limited to the techniques of financial accounting and the mechanics of preparing financial statements. Rather, it moves beyond them and looks at and the impact of a firm's business activities on the financial statements and the story that the financial statements tell. The class relies heavily on real-world examples from annual reports, the financial press, and research papers. The working knowledge provided here can be extended in further studies in management, finance and other business disciplines.
Course description
This course provides a comprehensive introduction to financial accounting. It is explored to understand the accounting techniques and its impact on financial statements. This understanding enables the participants to use accounting for internal management purposes (planning, directing, controlling etc.) as well as corporate communication purposes (capital markets, banks, rating agencies etc.). Moreover, participants obtain a working background which can be extended in further studies in management, finance and other business disciplines.
Teaching methods
Lectures, in-class group activities, and group project
Double-entry book-keeping, financial accounting theory, agency theory (to some extent), economics of information (to some extent)
This course is based on Alexander/Nobes, Financial Accounting, An International Introduction, 3rd. ed. 2007, Pearson.
Further literature
Method of examination
Exam (50%), oral participation (20%) and group project (15%)