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MBA 2012 Fundamentals of Strategy
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Hutzschenreuter, Thomas
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1. Fundamentals of Corporate Strategy?
2. Corporate Portfolio Management
3. Expansion within and across industries
4. International Expansion
5. Managing across Subunits
Course description
The aim of this course is to develop an understanding of the principles of corporate strategy and their applications. Starting from the initial premise that competition occurs at the level of the business unit, and that value must therefore ultimately be created at the business unit level, the course seeks to address two fundamental questions:
- How can a corporation create economic value through its multimarket activity along the dimensions of products and regions?
- How can a corporation make use of growth via mergers and acquisitions?

1. Discipline-specific knowledge and competence - Practical application of a
range of strategic management instruments (e.g. BCG Matrix, Parenting Advantage)
2. Management specific skills - Participants take the position of the management of a business. They assume a strategic perspective and work on solutions accordingly. Participants receive a thorough overview of different management tools used in practice and learn their application by applying them to cases.
3. Global business environment - Strategies for entering foreign markets.
4. Teamwork and responsible leadership - The participants work on case studies in teams before presenting their work in class.
5. Critical thinking and problem solving skills - The participants analyze business scenarios, apply the covered theories, work out solutions and present them with appropriate justifications. Participants are encouraged to critically analyze the applied theories by participating in class discussions.
6. Managerial and entrepreneurial practice - Course contents are selected based on current challenges in management practice. All contents are accompanied by real life business examples of current business events. Participants work on case studies by taking the position of managers. Guest speakers are invited to lectures to share insights from their business and past experience.
Teaching methods
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Internationalization Theories, Resource-based view, Portfolio Theories
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Method of examination
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