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  3. FolderExecutive Education WHU Executive Education offers executive development opportunities. Executives and managers are welcome. General Management, Innovation, Strategy and Leadership at WHU Executive Education.
    1. FolderCustomized Programs WHU Customized Programs are tailor-made programs for companies that would like to train their executives and managers in general management or specific management topics. Each program is designed in close cooperation with the company.
      1. PageOur Unique Approach WHU Customized programs requires thinking in new directions.
      2. PageDesign & Management Our programs are developed in close cooperation with our clients. Quality and impact are of utmost importance for us. Therefore, we pursue a comprehensive evaluation during and after the program and offer a debriefing meeting with the Faculty Directors and other faculty involved in the program.
      3. PageSuccess Stories Participants confirm high quality executive development education.
    2. FolderOpen Enrollment Programs WHU Executive Education offers General Management and Leadership programs.
      1. PageGeneral Management Plus Program The WHU General Management Plus Program offers middle management talents the chance to perceive new concepts in market- and business models and prepares them for the challenges of leading international projects and concurring new markets. Theory and practice combined in a unique way with an integrated Business Impact Project in either Cambodia.
      2. PageDoing Business With India Program In the innovative Doing Business With India Program executives learn to be successful by understanding Indian culture, politics, industry and business structures on-location. The Program is suited for executives who are either facing challenges that come with doing business with India or for executives who are planning to expand their activities in India.
      3. PageExcellence in Finance for Family Office Executives Program The programs’ objective is to give participants a profound insight into the subjects Asset Management and Investment Strategies, tailored specifically to Family Office situations.
      4. PageNegotiations Program Mastering negotiations in various settings and heterogeneous environments contribute significantly to successful leadership. In many business situations, being a skilled and experienced negotiator aids Executives to solve interrelated and highly complex problems.
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