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Research in Management and Management Accounting

We want to learn about the counterpart role in the finance function (i.e. the role of CFOs, controllers, and financial directors) as part of organized learning and critique. Based on that, we want to contribute to the literature on management and management accounting.

Our research is empirical in nature (large empirical surveys, archival work and case studies) and dominantly based on a functionalist paradigm.
We are convinced that research in management accounting and control should be rigorous as well as practically relevant and thus contribute to solving problems in business practice, either directly or indirectly.

Scholarly outlets in which our research has been published include Accounting, Organization & Society, Contemporary Accounting Research, European Accounting Review, Financial Accountability and Management, Journal of Management & Corporate Governance, Journal of Accounting & Organizational Change, Management Accounting Research, and Schmalenbach Business Review.

Professor Utz Schäffer and Professor Jürgen Weber of IMC
Professor Jürgen Weber and Professor Utz Schäffer

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