Research Projects

Research Areas

  1. Technology management (Functional perspective; enhanced R&D Management)
  2. Innovation management (New product development; procedural perspective)
  3. Marketing (Product policy; market research)
  4. Entrepreneurship
  5. E-Business (Interface between new media (internet) and TIM)
  6. Quantitative techniques for data analyses (Structural equation modeling; MTMM-analysis)

Specific Research Topics

  • Success factors of new product development (e.g. company culture, new product strategy, customer involvement)
  • Intellectual property management (e.g. value assessment of intellectual property rights, intellectual property and market value of firms, protection of service innovations)
  • Patent information for strategic business planning (e.g. R&D co-operations, tools for analyzing & evaluating patent data (software), integration of patent and market portfolios for strategic planning purposes)
  • Human Resource Management in R&D
  • E-Customer-Innogration (involving customers into new product development via the internet)
  • New product pre-announcements (credibility, signaling, buying behaviour)
  • Management of young and fast growing high tech firms (e.g. success factors, growth patterns)
  • Venture Management in established firms (corporate venture capital)
  • Project selection methods (forecast of success probabilities)