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MBA 2012 Innovation Management
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Ernst, Holger
Innovations are a prerequisite for sustained growth in many industries. The successful management of innovations requires new management techniques. This course is designed to give an overview about fundamental aspects of innovation management as part of a general management program at the master level. The main objective of the course is to get across the most critical aspects of innovation management at a sufficient level of depth to the students. The main take-aways from each session have - to varying degrees - implications
for all major industries including services.
The course will cover the following main aspects of innovation management: innovation and competitive advantage, disruptive technologies, resistance to innovation and how to overcome it, corporate culture and innovation, champions of innovation, market orientation and innovation, innovation process management, innovation teams, innovation performance measurement, interface management, corporate venturing and innovation in emerging markets.
Each session is designed as a 90 minutes module. Class material includes a set of slides, selected readings and case studies. The readings are handed out to the students prior to the first day of class by the MBA office. The readings (especially the articles and cases that are
required for the group assignments) must be read prior to class! This also applies to the first session on June 30th.
The slides will be handed out by the MBA office. They will also be posted on myWHU. The questions for the case assignment will be uploaded after announcing the assignment in class.
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