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MBA 2013 Production and Service Operations Management
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Huchzermeier, Arnd
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1. Productivity
2. Process Management
3. Service Operations Management
4. Case Study I: Improving Service Lead Times
5. Inventory Control
6. MRP Vs. Just-In-Time Management
7. Case Study II: The Toyota Production System
8. Quality Management: Designing Quality into Products
9. Quality Management: Designing Quality into Processes
10. Case Study III: Standardizing Processes in Health Care
11. Time-Based- Competition and Efficient Consumer Response
12. Management-Quality for Industrial Excellence
Course description
This course provides an introduction to Production and Service Operations Management. Overall, we adopt a process view. The first part of the course focuses on process management and control. The second part of the course focuses on process improvement and management models for industrial excellence. The main objective of this course is to provide students with the basic background on how to effectively analyze, manage, and improve processes of manufacturing or service operations.
Teaching methods
Lectures, case studies and in-class presentations by the case groups.
Queuing Theory, Economic Order Quantity Models, Newsboy Model, Continuous and Periodic-Review Inventory Policies, Statistical Process Control, 6-Sigma.
CACHON AND TERWIESCH (2009): Matching Supply with Demand. 2nd Ed. / International Edition, McGraw Hill, New York, ISBN 978-007-126331-3
Course package with case studies.
Method of examination
Class participation (20%), Case Preparation (30%), Exam (50%)