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MBA 2012 Perspectives on Mergers & Acquisitions
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Hutzschenreuter, Thomas
Mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have lost none of their fascination. Despite the economic crisis, worldwide thousands of transactions worth billions of US $ were signed off in recent years. By hindsight, many of them are accused for not generating additional value.

In this course we will introduce you to the basic concepts in M&A management and provide you with levers used to design and manage an appropriate acquisition strategy.

This course focuses to a practitioner's view to the phenomenon M&A. For most companies M&A transactions are rare events involving a number of specialized advisors. This course takes account of the various perspectives on M&A. It employs five different perspectives, i.e. the Inhouse Consultant's, Legal Advisor's, Corporate Finance Consultant's, Investment Banking Advisor's, and (Selling) Owner's perspective.

The course builds on your corporate strategy know-how and requires financial calculation skills.

Session 1
Introduction to Mergers and Acquisitions March,21st 2012
Prof. Dr. Thomas Hutzschenreuter, WHU

Session 2
The Inhouse consultant's perspective March 22nd 2012
Dr. Christian Zentner, Head of Legal M&A Energy / Syndikus,
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft

Session 3
The Corporate Finance Consultant's perspective March 23th, 2012
Erik Hummitzsch, Partner, Transaction Services, PriceWaterhouseCoopers (PwC)

Session 4
The Legal Advisor's perspective March 26th, 2012
Dr. Matthias Hentzen, Managing Partner, Sozietät Hengeler Müller

Session 5
The Investment Banking Advisor's perspective March 27th, 2012
Daniel Westhoff, Managing Director, HVB/UniCredit

Session 6
The Selling Owner's perspective March 28th, 2012
N.N., Roland Berger Strategy Consultants, Private Equity Group
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Method of examination