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MBA 2010 Corporate Finance
Contact hours per week
Marinc, Matej
This course offers an introduction to corporate finance. First, it discusses the risk-return tradeoff that investors and managers are facing. It reviews Capital Asset Pricing Model (CAPM) and discusses its ingredients. The course continues with the analysis of the capital budgeting process of a company. In particular, it focuses on the assessment of the Net Present Value of a project's cash flows. Second, the course focuses on the optimal capital structure of a firm. It discusses the benefits and drawbacks of debt versus equity financing. Third, the course reviews main principles that set a firm's optimal payout policy. Tools covered are used to solve practical exercises and real life cases
Managerial Finance (recommended)
Teaching methods
Lectures, Cases and Excercise
Weighted Average Cost of Capital, Discounted Cash Flow Analysis, Adjusted Present Value, Modigliani and Miller theorem,
Method of examination
Exam 60%, Cases 40%, A student must reach at least 50% of the available points on the exam to pass.