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MBA 2010 Salesforce Management and Key Account Management
Contact hours per week
Jensen, Ove
Definition and importance of sales & customer relationship management
Key sales channels and service channels
The (he)art of selling
Optimizing the efficiency of the sales force
Key levers of revenue from a customer relationship
The (he)art of price negotiation
Optimizing the efficiency of selling campaigns
key account management
Small account management
Core course marketing or comparable course
Course description
Sales is the "eye of the needle" that all the firm's offerings have to go through. In the context of a business administration curriculum, many courses are mainly about administration. In contrast, this course is truly about doing business - because nothing happens in business unless somebody sells something. The course adopts a value-based marketing perspective and systematically discusses how revenues and sales efficiency can be increased.
Teaching methods
Lectures & discussions (55 %), video (5%), selling and negotiation games (10%), case studies (20%), guest speakers (10%)
Discounted cashflow analysis, marketing return on invest calculation, transaction cost theory, confirmation/ disconfirmation paradigm, response models, decision calculus
Course package (includes lecture slides and selected articles)
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Method of examination
Final exam (70 %), case studies (30 %)