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Accounting for M & A Transactions 1. Semester Rechnungswesen und Controlling
Advanced Corporate Finance TBA TBA
Advanced Leadership Theory 1. Semester TBA
Advanced Methods of Market and Management Research TBA TBA
Advanced Valuation TBA TBA
Business Analysis and Valuation TBA TBA
Capital Market Theory TBA TBA
Case Studies on Family Enterprises TBA TBA
Consumer Psychology & Marketing Communication TBA TBA
Developing Economies in Global Economic Affairs TBA TBA
Ethics in Management TBA TBA
Exchange Rates and International Finance TBA TBA
Heinz-Nixdorf-Vorlesung: Strategic Intellectual Capital Management TBA TBA
Integrated Logistics and Supply Chain Management 1. Semester Supply Chain Management
International Tax Strategy TBA TBA
Management Accounting and Control TBA TBA
Managing the Family Business TBA TBA
Marketing Strategy TBA TBA
Operations Strategy and Sustainability TBA TBA
Production and Service Operations Management 1. Semester Supply Chain Management
Research in Corporate Strategy TBA TBA
Sales Management TBA TBA
Seminar on Globalization TBA TBA
Seminar: Leadership and Innovation 1. Semester Innovation und Entrepreneurship
Strategic Research and Development Management 1. Semester Innovation und Entrepreneurship
Theoretical Foundations of Decision-Making TBA Pflichtkurse