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Willkommen zur WHU Working Paper Series der Economics Group. Die Serie ist gelistet unter EconPapers/IDEAS/RePEc-Archive. Zusätzlich ist sie in der German National Library unter der ISSN 2511-1159 zu finden.

Diese Reihe bietet Ihnen die Möglichkeit, Ihre Forschung frühzeitig zu präsentieren und akademisches Feedback einzuholen. Um einen Beitrag einzureichen, kontaktieren Sie uns bitte unter rainer.rilke(at)whu.edu

20-01 Katharina Saunders, Christian Hagist, Alistair McGuire, Christian SchlerethPreferences of a new health care profession. A pilot study with anaesthesia technologist trainees in Germany
19-02Katharina Saunders, Christian Hagist, Alistair McGuire, Christian SchlerethNursing without caring? A discrete choice experiment about job characteristics of German surgical technologist trainees
19-01Ralf Fendel, Nicola Mai, and Oliver MohrThe Shape of Eurozone’s Uncertainty: Its Impact and Predictive Value on GDP
18-06Christian Bührer, Stefan Fetzer, and Christian HagistAdverse selection in the German health insurance system
18-05Lewe Bahnsen, Stefan Fetzer, Fabian Franke, and Christian HagistGone with the Windfall - Germany’s Second LTC Strengthening Act and its Intergenerational Implications
18-04Ralf Fendel, Nicola Mai, and Oliver MohrRecession Probabilities for the Eurozone at the Zero Lower Bound: Challenges to the Term Spread and Rise of Alternatives
18-03Alexander MayerEstimation and Inference in Adaptive Learning Models with Slowly Decreasing Gains
18-02Ralf Fendel and Frederik NeugebauerCountry-Specific Euro Area Government Bond Yield Reactions to ECB’s Non-Standard Monetary Policy Announcements
18-01Bernd Irlenbusch, Rainer Michael Rilke, and Gari WalkowitzDesigning Feedback in Voluntary Contribution Games - The Role of Transparency
17-08Michael Frenkel and Benedikt WalterDo Bilateral Investment Treaties Attract Foreign Direct Investment? The Role of International Dispute Settlement Provisions
17-07Norbert Christopeit and Michael MassmannStrong consistency of the least squares estimator in regression models with adaptive learnin
17-06Christian Bührer, Stefan Fetzer, and Christian HagistDas Hamburger Beihilfemodell - Ein Vergleich der internen Renditen von GKV und PKV
17-05Christian Bührer, Stefan Fetzer, and Christian HagistCui bono? - Die Bürgerversicherung und die Beihilfe
17-04Michael Frenkel, Matthias Mauch, and Jan-Christoph RülkeForecaster Rationality and Expectation Formation in Foreign Exchange Markets: Do Emerging Markets Differ from Industrialized Economies?
17-03Michael Frenkel, Jin-Kyu Jung, and Jan-Christoph RülkeRationalizing the Bias in Central Banks' Interest Rate Projections
17-02Julian Conrads, Mischa Ellenberger, Bernd Irlenbusch, Elia Nora Ohms, Rainer Michael Rilke, and Gari WalkowitzTeam Goal Incentives and Individual Lying Behavior
17-01Benedetta Frassi, Christian Hagist, and Fabio PammolliWho is this, who enters there? - Migration in Italy and its effect on fiscal sustainability and pensions
15-01Thomas Heister, Christian Hagist, and Klaus KaierResistance Elasticity of Antibiotic Demand in Intensive Care
14-01Christian Hagist, Daniel Ehing, and Tobias SaalPflegeverläufe im Spiegel von Routinedaten der GKV - Eine Analyse für die Jahre 2003 bis 2010
12-03Jan-C. Rülke, Maria Silgoner, and Julia WörzHerding Behavior of Business Cycle Forecasters in Times of Economic Crises
12-02Achim I. Czerny, Anming ZhangAirport Congestion Pricing When Airlines Price Discriminate
12-01Achim I. CzernyPublic Versus Private Airport Behavior When Concession Revenues Exist
11-05Jan-C. RülkeAre central bank projections rational?
11-04Jan-C. RülkeDo private sector forecasters desire to deviate from the German council of economic experts
11-03Jan-C. Rülke, Peter TillmannDo FOMC Members herd?
11-02Christian Pierdzioch, Jan-C. Rülke, and Georg StadtmannOn the Internal Consistency of Short-Term, and Long-Term Oil Price Forecasts
11-01Michael Frenkel, Jan-C. Rülke, and Lilli ZimmermannDo Current Account Forcasters Herd? Evidence from the Euro Area and the G7 Countries
10-05Achim I. Czerny, Peter-J. Jost, and Benny MantinPricing in Overlapping Transport Networks
10-04Christian Pierdzioch, Jan-C. Rülke, and Georg StadtmannNew Evidence of Anti-Herding of Oil-Price Forecasters
10-03Achim I. Czerny, Kay Mitusch, and Andreas TannerPriority Rules Versus Scarcity Premiums in Rail Markets
10-02Felix Höffler, Sebastian KranzUsing Forward Contracts to Reduce Regulatory Captures
10-01Achim I. Czerny, Anming ZhangAir Congestion Pricing and Passenger Types
09-05Achim I. CzernyAirport Pricing and Concession Revenues (formerly: Airports and the Relationship between Aeronautical, Car Rental and Retail Services
09-04Stefan Reitz, Jan-C. Rülke, and Georg StadtmannAre Oil-Price-Forecasters finally right? - Regressive expectations towards more fundamental values of the oil price
09-03Michael Frenkel, Eliza M. Lis, and Jan-C. RülkeDo Euro Area Forecasters (Still) Have Faith in Macroeconomic Building Blocks? - Expectation Formation when Economics is in risis
09-02Ralf Fendel, Michael Frenkel, and Jan-C. RülkeExpectations, Taylor Rules, and Credibility - Evidence from Four Small Open European Economies with Independent Central Banks
09-01Felix HöfflerWhen can it make sense to throw away payoffs
08-05Achim I. CzernyCode-sharing, price discrimination and welfare losses
08-04Felix Höffler, Stefan BechtoldAn economic analysis of trade-secret protection in buyer-seller relationships
08-03Ralf Fendel, Michael Frenkel, and Jan-C. Rülke"Ex-Ante" taylor rules - newly discovered evidence from the G7 countries
08-02Ralf Fendel, Michael Frenkel, and Jan-C. RülkeInflation Targeting Matters! - Novel evidence from "ex-ante" taylor rules in emerging markets
08/01Felix HöfflerOn the consistent use of linear demand systems if not all varieties are available
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