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Prof. Dr. Nadine Kammerlander

E, S or G? Mainly G, with some E and some S

Research topics in sustainability: Sustainable transformation in family firms, intergenerational conflicts in sustainable investment decisions of business families

Teaching in sustainability: Creating social value in BSc program (2016-2023); Discussing good governance in family firms across programs; Using sustainability-related case studies, e.g. on using sustainability as unique firm positioning 

Exemplary publication on sustainability: Sekerci, N., Jaballah, J., van Essen, M., & Kammerlander, N. (2022). Investors’ reactions to CSR news in family versus nonfamily firms: A study on signal (in) credibility. Entrepreneurship Theory and Practice, 46(1), 82-116.

Sustainability case example: Werner & Mertz – a Mittelstand family firm that has truly transformed to a circular business model

Biggest challenge to the sustainable transformation of business: Not openly addressing the very real economic trade-offs of investing into sustainability, both in business discussions and from a regulatory perspective

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