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Die neuesten Talente innerhalb des WHU Entrepreneurial Ecosystems.

WHU Pitching Talents 2022-2023

Im Studienjahr 2022-2023 mussten alle Bachelor-Studierenden des 3. Semesters im Rahmen der Lehrveranstaltung Entrepreneurship ein Geschäftsmodell erstellen und präsentieren. Insgesamt wurden 50 verschiedene Geschäftsmodelle von 240 Studierenden entwickelt. Alle Teams erhielten im Rahmen eines Online-Speed-Datings wertvolles Feedback von verschiedenen Mentor:innen. Mehr als 50 WHU-Alumni nahmen als Mentor:innen an diesem Online-Speed-Dating teil. Auf dieser Seite finden Sie die Pitches, die als die inspirierendsten und kreativsten Geschäftsmodelle ausgewählt wurden. Sie zeigen die neuesten Talente innerhalb des WHU Entrepreneurial Ecosystems.

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Lina Döring, Amelie Kritzen, Ronja Lesch, Corinne Mohr, Luca Wirbel

Have you ever lost your luggage? It is annoying, right? 

With Beyond this will never happen again! We have created the smartest luggage available. With our main feature, the integrated tracking system, and additional features, like a fingerprint opener or an integrated scale, you will never have to worry about anything when traveling. 

We also provide you with our 24/7 service, which includes bringing lost luggage back to you. We take over the whole process for you! 

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Julius Drieseberg, Tim Jochims, Felix Plümpe, Benedict Spalthoff, Justus Strack

Ever since airports reopened for commercial travel after the Covid-19 pandemic, the experience has been completely different, especially at the security check. There have been times when the queue was several kilometres long and people arrived at the airport up to 12 hours early to make sure they would catch their flight. And all the while, there is very limited information online on the current waiting lines and how they are expected to develop within the next hours.

EasyQ aims to solve this painpoint. EasyQ provides an ideal, individualised arrival time for passengers, eliminating the extreme waiting lines and schedules the security staff efficiently to reduce the overall waiting times at airports. EasyQ ensures that your next holiday will start completely stressfree!

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Dean Donat, Clarissa Hecht, Osca Mierig, Annalena Riess, Sophie Wurth

HENSE is an end-to-end solution to improve the costumer experience in dentist waiting rooms.

The second biggest fear in Germany is the fear of visiting the dentist, which leads to many missed or canceled appointments. In addition, patients spend on average more than twice as much time in the waiting room than during the actual treatment.

It is precisely this time spent in the waiting room that HENSE makes use of!

With selected methods, such as background music with alpha waves/subliminals and scent diffuser, all senses of the patient are addressed and thus the subconscious is influenced. This lowers the stress level of the patient before the treatment starts and results in fewer missed or cancelled appointments and higher customer satisfaction.

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Marius Michael Jung, Emily Ng, Floria Rathgen, Dominik Spika

Parkable provides the fastest, easiest, and most reliable overview of all possible parking
spaces in major cities. By using satellites, we are the most accurate and reliable provider on
the market. Through our app, you have maximum flexibility, guaranteed by our integrative
and intelligent system. Our package takes care of finding and managing parking spaces to
make parking in cities efficient.

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