7 Questions with Alumna Laura Hankiss

On her experience at WHU, her current role and her advice on how to break into consulting.

WHU Laura Hankiss Master

Since graduating from our Master in Management program in 2016, Laura has been pursuing a career at McKinsey & Company. We caught up with her to chat about her experience at WHU, her current role as a Senior Business Analyst, and her advice on how to  break into consulting. 

How would you describe your overall WHU experience?

It’s an exciting, fast-paced and challenging program during which I developed professionally but even more importantly, I grew personally and made friends for life.

Why did you choose to study at WHU for your Masters?

I chose to study at WHU due to its impressive reviews. Prior to WHU, I had studied in big cities and I was keen for a different experience in a smaller, closer community.

What were your program highlights?

The two main program highlights were the small and interactive classes, and working on real business cases in groups.

Can you explain what your role as Senior Business Analyst at a global management consulting firm involves?

A typical day as a senior business analyst involves qualitative and quantitative analysis, visualizing key messages, interacting and building relationships with clients, and jointly solving problems with your team.

What advice would you give to students hoping to work in consulting?
  • On choosing where to work in general: be aware of what you would like to do and why, and to make sure your choice is a good match to your personality

  • To get into consulting: I am sure you know all about the test and interview preparation so more of a practical advice - try to enjoy the process and look out if you would want to work at the specific firm

How has your time at WHU helped you in your professional life?

WHU gave me the opportunity to develop skills necessary for consulting e.g. group work or top-down communication. Furthermore, I also did two consulting internships during my studies that made receiving an offer for a full-time job easier too. Finally, WHU also helped me to become more confident professionally.

What advice would you give to students who are thinking about applying to WHU?

Definitely do it, it is worth is and please don’t worry too much (about internships, grades, exchange semester or a full-time job), it will all work out well!