Jahr 1

1. Quartal | Core Modules & Electives

September - Oktober

Core Modules

  • Accounting for Entrepreneurs
    This course revisits and applies fundamental corporate finance and accounting concepts. It helps students increase their financial intelligence to manage capital budgeting and other financial decisions as well as interactions with capital markets more effectively.
  • Sprint2Berlin
    The Sprint2Berlin has been the starting point for several start-ups of our students in the past. During this course you develop a real business idea (either given or new) and then finally pitch it to real investors at the end of the course.

Electives (einen Kurs auswählen)

  • B2B Pricing: Negotiation, Calculations, Strategy
  • B2C Price Management
  • Entrepreneurial Selling
  • International Strategy
  • The Analytics’ Edge
  • Transportation Management
  • Value Creation in Family Firms