Jahr 1

2. Quartal | Core Modules & Electives

November - Dezember

Core Modules

  • Advanced Entrepreneurial Finance
    This course will help all students who consider starting their own company to build and run more successful firms and aims to familiarize students with entrepreneurial finance and business models.
    Students will solve two interactive entrepreneurial case studies in the two areas and one in-class case in Berlin, while building up a network of future partners among startups, consultancies, investors, and a law firm in Berlin.
  • Platform Markets and Regulations
    Many of today’s biggest, fast-growing, and disruptive companies, such as Google, Amazon, Uber, Airbnb, or PayPal, rely on platform business models. Hence, it is important to understand how platform markets work and how regulations influence their success, considering raising concerns that they may engage in anti-competitive behaviors.

Electives (eins auswählen)

  • Actionable Customer Analytics

  • Advanced Organizational Behavior

  • Heinz-Nixdorf-Lecture: Strategic Intellectual Property Management

  • International Marketing Management

  • International Strategy

  • Modern Tools and Applications of Data Science

  • Venture Capital Finance