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WHU Research Seminar in Management Accounting

How do you effectively use targets when giving performance feedback? And is it more salient to give feedback on stronger or weaker areas of performance?

Henry Eyring, Assistant Professor at the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE), discussed these questions during a WHU Online Research Seminar in Management Accounting & Control on November 11, 2020. He presented his paper entitled „Performance Feedback on Stronger and Weaker Areas of Performance: The Role of Targets”. In this study, Henry shows that giving feedback on weaker areas of performance is more salient than giving feedback on stronger areas. However, this salience is highly dependent on whether performance targets are achievable.
Assistant Professor Henry Eyring earned his PhD from Harvard Business School and also holds a B.S. in Economics and Mathematics from Brigham Young University, Idaho. Henry’s research focuses on the effects of reporting, feedback, and incentive systems on performance and costs in the private and public sectors.