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Prof. Dr. Dries Faems wins 2019 SITE Innovation Management award

Together with his co-authors Holmer Kok (Stockholm School of Economics) and Pedro de Faria (University of Groningen), Dries Faems has won the 2019 SITE Innovation Management award.

The Best-Paper-Award Innovation Management annually honors scientific papers on Innovation, Transformation and Technology Management. Focusing on both cutting-edge research and high practical relevance, awarded papers provide state-of-the-art insights for academics and practitioners equally. Prof. Faems received the award for his paper on ‘Dusting off the knowledge shelves: Recombinant lag and the technological value of inventions.’ In this study, Professor Faems and his co-authors found out that inventors can generate valuable inventions by using so-called "dormant components." The study explains when old knowledge can serve as a driver for high-impact inventions and why companies should regularly dust their knowledge shelves.