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Gartner’s Power of the Profession Award 2020 recognizes Supply Chain Breakthroughs and Talent Development Programs in the U.S.

Gartner’s Power of the Profession Awards recognizes exemplar supply chain and talent breakthroughs that help to elevate the power of the supply chain profession. Please note that some of last year’s categories were different from this year’s. 

2020 Talent Diversity Champion and Top Talent Breakthrough of the Year
Intermountain Healthcare wins for expanding work opportunities for underserved communities, ensuring the organization is a place where the disabled are enabled, and minorities feel like majorities. 

2020 Business Win and Top Supply Chain Breakthrough of the Year 
Schneider Electric wins for redefining the meaning of “Smart Logistics” through a platform that delivers increased performance and customer visibility for the end-to-end customer fulfillment process. 

2020 Talent Payback of the Year
Intel wins by building strategic advantage through analytic fluency and skillset thanks to a comprehensive training and coaching program which has boosted analytical capabilities in supply chain. 

2020 Talent Partnership of the Year
Bayer wins for revolutionizing local employability in Argentina by offering free skills training to members of the community in partnership with local non-governmental organizations. 

2020 Social Impact of the Year
Colgate-Palmolive wins for reducing impact on the environment through TRUE Zero Waste certification, which enables facilities to define, pursue and achieve their zero waste goals while reducing costs. 

2020 Customer or Patient Innovation of the Year
Ralph Lauren wins for transforming its value chain with serialized digital product identities, offering valuable product information and recommendations to end consumers.

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