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The SCM Group ranks 48th worldwide (4th in Europe and 1st in Germany) on empirical and analytical research

The SCM Journal ListTM ranking is an annual ranking of universities’ supply chain management research output, based on the leading supply chain management journals. Each year’s ranking is based on the research published in these journals during the prior five years.

These journals were selected based on existing lists such as the Financial Times and UT-Dallas journal lists, as well as a recognition that those lists included a set of journals that predominantly focused on analytical methodologies and also underrepresented journals that encompass logistics and supply management. The eight journals included in the SCM Journal ListTM ranking include the journals from the Financial Times and UT-Dallas lists (Management ScienceOperations ResearchMSOM, and POMJ) as well as journals from the leading supply chain management professional associations: APICS (Journal of Operations Management), CSCMP (Journal of Business Logistics), Decision Sciences Institute (Decision Sciences Journal), and ISM (Journal of Supply Chain Management). Unlike existing lists, the SCM Journal ListTM ranking uses output from the top-tier journals which publish research across a broad spectrum of areas across the supply chain, in both the analytical and empirical arenas.