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Winner of the ‘Industrial Excellence Award Germany 2018’ is the startup HelloFresh in Berlin

WHU officially announces the startup HelloFresh as the German winner of this year’s industry competition.

HelloFresh delivers fresh, healthy and tailor-made meal ingredients in kits directly from their local pic & pack assembly site to customers. Founded in 2011, the company has now sales in excess of 1 billion € and employs 4000 people globally. In Q2 of 2018, HelloFresh served close to 50 M meals to more than 1.5 M customers in 9 countries on 3 continents. The company is market leader in Germany, Austria, Netherlands, UK, Australia and North America. Since November 2017, HelloFresh is listed as a publicly traded company.

Leveraging data analytics extensively, HelloFresh is able to offer their customers the right product, at the right quantity, at the right time, at the right location and at the right price. This quintuple of value drivers is unmatched, especially when compared to traditional grocery retail chains.

At the core of this business model is the supply chain function, which significantly contributes to company success via economies of scale and quick transfer of process knowledge across countries and industry partners. Inbound and outbound processes are well under control, while innovations and improvements are constantly developed for the meal kit assembly process, the used packaging materials—for which the company sets industry standards—and the product itself.  

The startup HelloFresh demonstrates exemplary company growth through relentless customer focus, a high velocity B2C supply chain that covers not only densely populated areas but also entire countries, and the use of data analytics for smart planning and innovation.