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WHU Key & Pay guide


Many doors on our campus in Vallendar can be opened with the app.
(all doors with QR code - for example exterior doors & study rooms in buildings E, G & K)

Just scan the QR code next to the door to unlock the door.

Staff and faculty members in Vallendar can open their office doors with the button "OPEN OFFICE".


The app can be used to make payments on our campus in Vallendar:

  • Mensa
  • Bistro

Getting started (before you make your first payment with the app):

  • Log in with your WHU username & password
  • Link your Student ID card with the app
    • Place your Student ID card on the terminal located at the mensa register
    • Tap the "Connect" button
    • Scan the QR code with the app
  • You can now use both your Student ID card and the app to make payments

Making payments with the app

  • Scan the QR code that is shown on the terminal

Wallet / Credit

  • Configure “Autoload” in the app settings to automatically reload your wallet via credit card
  • Reload wallet manually using cash at one of the cash terminals at the mensa
    (cashing out is also possible)
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