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Annual Conference for Management Accounting Research (ACMAR)

The Annual Conference for Management Accounting Research (ACMAR) is organized by the Institute of Management Accounting and Control and takes place at WHU - Otto Beisheim School of Management in Vallendar, Germany.

The next conference will take place March 06 - 07, 2025 - WHU Campus Vallendar
The conference is an annual meeting place for the academic management accounting community and offers a unique opportunity for presenting research in management accounting and finding out what colleagues in the field are working on. In addition, ACMAR provides a friendly and sociable context to keep in touch with colleagues from across Europe and beyond.
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Presenting research in Parallel Sessions and Round Tables



Intensive exchange among the community

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Leading speakers from academia and practice

An author can submit and present only one paper. However, a presenter can also be a non-presenting co-author on additional papers.

Authors are invited to submit full papers. The deadline for the submission of papers will be announced soon.

A full paper is a complete scholarly research report that could reasonably be submitted for publication in a public working paper data base such as SSRN.

Papers will be evaluated by independent peer review.

Confirmation of acceptance or rejection will be given by the end of December, and mailed to the corresponding address of the presenting author (unless another author is selected as a contact person).

The presenters of an accepted paper must register as a participant for the conference.

By submitting a paper, the authors thereby agree to their paper being made available in the restricted access area of the conference website. 

Please take into account that once a paper is included in the program, the author should present it at the conference or officially notify the organizers of its withdrawal.

When submitting a paper, please follow our paper categorization and specify the topic and methodology category.

Topic categories of the paper submitted:
•    Management accounting change
•    CFOs, controllers and management accountants
•    Compliance and governance
•    Strategic management accounting
•    Performance management and incentives
•    Planning and budgeting
•    Other management accounting and control systems
•    Social accounting, ethics, and sustainability
•    Management accounting for non-profit organizations
•    Accounting information systems and digitalization of management accounting
•    Risk management
•    Others

Methodology categories of the paper submitted:  
•    Survey
•    Experimental
•    Qualitative
•    Conceptual  
•    Archival
•    Analytical / modelling  
•    Others

14th ACMAR Doctoral Colloquium 2025

In 2025, the 14th colloquium for doctoral students in management accounting will be held in conjunction with the Annual Conference for Management Accounting Research (ACMAR). The colloquium will take place on March 05 - 06, 2025. 

The colloquium’s objective is to provide an opportunity for doctoral students in management accounting from various countries to discuss their research projects and work in progress with the colloquium´s faculty members. 

Conference hosts

Professor Lukas Löhlein
Professor Lukas Löhlein
Institute of Management Accounting and Control
Professor Marko Reimer
Professor Marko Reimer
Institute of Management Accounting and Control
Professor  Utz Schäffer
Professor Utz Schäffer
Institute of Management Accounting and Control
Assistant Professor Vera Linke
Assistant Professor Vera Linke
Institute of Management Accounting and Control
Assistant Professor Daniel Schaupp
Assistant Professor Daniel Schaupp
Institute of Management Accounting and Control

Looking back at past conferences –

Inspiring reflection and debate among the research community

Established in 2002, the Annual Conference for Management Accounting Research, started out as an annual meeting place for the German-speaking community in management accounting research. Today, the conference is acknowledged as an important forum for discussion among the international research community. Why not take a look at some of our more recent conferences!

ACMAR 2022 – Sommer Edition
ACMAR 2022 – Sommer Edition
2. bis 3. Juni auf dem Campus Vallendar der WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management
ACMAR 2021 – Von Krisen und Chancen
ACMAR 2021 – Von Krisen und Chancen
1. bis 5. März 2021, WHU – Otto Beisheim School of Management
17th ACMAR at WHU
17th ACMAR at WHU
2020: Interesting insights and exciting discussions at the Annual Conference for Management Accounting

Photo gallery

Browse our photo gallery to see highlights from previous ACMAR conferences.

Vallendar and our campus –

Where to stay and how to find us

Perfectly located and breathtakingly scenic, Vallendar and the Middle Rhine Valley offer a wealth of activities throughout the year. Enjoy panoramic hikes and cycle routes, take romantic river cruises, visit nearby outdoor swimming pools, or relax at the sauna – there is something for everybody. Numerous historic castles are scattered throughout the area, with 40 punctuating the Rhine Gorge hilltops ready for history lovers to explore. While international world travelers will find that strong transport connections provide a host of possibilities with major European destinations such as London, Paris, Amsterdam, and Prague easily accessible by road, rail or air.

The fact that the Rhine Valley is a perennial hotspot for tourists, means there are plenty of hotels to suit all budgets and tastes in Koblenz and the surrounding area. Below is a list of hotels which cooperate with WHU:

What to do around Vallendar

Explore the historic town of Vallendar lying directly on the Rhine, home to an international student population and offering a wealth of gastronomic and sporting activities. Check the yearly VHS (Volkshochschule Vallendar) calendar for exciting local activities and projects.
The third biggest city in the Rhinenland-Palatinate, Koblenz nestles between both the Rhine and Moselle rivers. Whilst not only a scenic city with its riverside location, Koblenz is a vibrant hub of restaurants, bars, museums and shopping opportunities, with a cable car that connects the city to the hilltop fortress of Ehrenbreitstein.
The surrounding area offers many options for outings and for all interests. Whether it is exploring historic castles such as the medieval Burg Eltz, taking the Traumpfade, hiking trails that runs through the Eifel region, or visiting the legendary racetrack and motor sports complex at the Nürburgring.
City tours
With large bustling cities only a short distance away, it is easy to organize a day or weekend trip. Sample Cologne’s iconic Kölsch beer or chocolate museum, view Frankfurt’s futuristic skyline, or browse high-end luxury shops in Düsseldorf, you’ll find the neighboring cities are metropolitan and welcoming to all visitors!
European Cities
One of the greatest benefits of being located so centrally in Europe is the closeness to so many other beautiful destinations! Take a plane to visit Paris, jump on a train to Amsterdam, or simply drive your car and discover just how far you can get before you find yourself in another country!
Sports and leisure
Well known for its love of the outdoors, Germany offers a wide-range of sporting activities with lots to do in and around Vallendar. Walking and cycle routes run throughout the region, climbing fans can take their sport indoors or outdoors and naturally formed volcanic lakes are open to the public to swim in.

Campus Vallendar

Our virtual campus tour gives an impression of what it is like at WHU in Vallendar. Explore the main building known as the Marienburg and the central square ‘Burgplatz’, a popular meeting spot for students and locals alike. Take a glimpse into lecture halls, the library, open study spaces, the gym, and more. All of our campus buildings are equipped with state-of-the-art facilities.


 *= special rates for WHU members 
Altstadt HotelJesuitenplatz 1-3, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0)261 201 640
Aparthotel am MünzplatzBurgstraße 10, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0)261 1349 0644
Berghotel RheinblickRemystraße 79, 56170 Bendorf+49 (0)2622 127 127
BerufsförderungswerkSebastian-Kneipp-Straße 10, 56179 Vallendar+49 (0)261 64060
Brenner HotelRizzastraße 20-22, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0)261 915 780
Business LodgingBurgstrasse 20, 56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen+49 (0)172 7803 876
City Apartments KoblenzLöhrstraße 100, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0)261 1349 06443
City Hotel Kurfürst BalduinHohenfelder Straße 12, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0)2622 133 200
Diehls HotelRheinsteigufer 1, 56077 Koblenz-Ehrenbreitstein+49 (0)261 97070
Ferienwohnung Herta LiebscherNikolaus-Ehlen-Str. 37, 56179 Vallendar+49 (0)2621 62218
Ferienwohnung KrämerLöhrstraße 32, 56179 Vallendar+49 (0)151 - 221 384 49
Ferienwohnung Silke KreuterReuschenweg 111, 56077 Koblenz+49 (0)261 62748
Forum Vinzenz PalottiPallottistraße 3, 56179 Vallendar+49 (0)261 64021
G Hotel Koblenz*Neversstraße 15, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0)261 200 2450
Haus MarienauHöhrer Straße 86, 56179 Vallendar+49 (0)261 962 620
Haus SonnenauHillscheider Straße 7, 56179 Vallendar+49 (0)261 963 150
Haus St.JosefGilgenborn 68, 56179 Vallendar+49 (0)261 60013
Hotel 42Rheinstraße 31, 56179 Vallendar+49 (0)261 66046
Hotel Adria StubenHauptstraße 20, 56182 Urbar+49 (0)261 60819
Hotel ContelPastor-Klein Straße 19, 56073 Koblenz+49 (0)261 - 4065-0
Hotel Continental Pfälzer HofBahnhofplatz 1, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0)261 30160
Hotel HeinzBergstraße 77, 56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen+49 (0)2624 94300
Hotel ibisRizzastraße 42, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0)261 30240
Hotel Kleiner RiesenJanuarius-Zick-Str. 11, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0) 261 303 460
Hotel MarilynHofstraße 281, 56077 Koblenz+49 (0)174 2345611
Hotel Mercure*Julius-Wegeler-Straße 6, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0)261 1360
Hotel Schloss Montabaur*Schloss Montabaur, 56410 Montabaur+49 (0)2602 14300
Hotel ScholzMoselweißer Straße 121, 56073 Koblenz+49 (0)261 94260
Hotel SiliciumSchillerstraße 2-4, 56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen+49 (0)2624 941 680
Hotel SteinMayener Straße 126, 56070 Koblenz+49 (0)261 - 963530
Hotel Villa SaynKoblenz-Olper-Straße 111, 56170 Bendorf+49 (0)2622 94490
Hotel WeinlaubeHaukertsweg 9, 56076 Koblenz+49 (0)261 97000
Hotel Zugbrücke*Brexbachstraße 11-17, 56203 Höhr-Grenzhausen+49 (0)2624 1050
Sander Hotel*Casinostraße 17, 56068 Koblenz+49 (0)261 889 68 720
Top Hotel Krämer*Kardinal-Krementz-Straße 12, 56073 Koblenz+49 (0)261 406 200


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WHU Campus Vallendar

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