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Living in Düsseldorf

Excited to make Düsseldorf your new home? Start by locking down your accommodation ASAP.

Düsseldorf's Diverse Neighborhoods

Benrath, Gerresheim and Grafenberg
Benrath, Gerresheim and Grafenberg are the the green gateways to Düsseldorf's lush countryside.
Oberkassel is a centrally located district across the Rhine, framed by authentically renovated art nouveau buildings and known for its elegance and higher price tag.
Bilk has great live entertainment and cultural attractions. It is home to many expat and local student communities (and many restaurants and bars).
Stadtmitte and Altstadt
In the City Center (Stadtmitte) and Old Town (Altstadt), expect a lively atmosphere with plenty of hustle and bustle – after all, you're right in the beating heart of the city!
Düsseltal is great for all age groups, and easily accessible to campus.
Flingern is Düsseldorf's former blue-collar district of Düsseldorf and is now known for its art scene and reasonable rental prices. It is home to many boutiques, bars and cafes.

Costs of Living

The cost of living is very individual and depends on many different factors. Here is a rough estimate for the basic costs of living per month on average in Düsseldorf:

  • Accommodation*: 600-800 EUR
  • Utilities**: 100-150 EUR
  • Internet, mobile phone: 100 EUR
  • Food (groceries)**: 250 EUR
  • Miscellaneous: 
    • meal at a restaurant: 40 EUR 
    • gym membership: 25 EUR 
    • average beer or cocktail prices in Düsseldorf: 4 EUR / 12 EUR 

* Based on living with a flat mate
** Due to inflation and the energy crisis, these amounts might increase


NRW Semesterticket

The WHU-sponsored NRW Semesterticket is a public transportation ticket. It allows 24/7 use of any bus, tram, subway, or train within the public metropolitan and suburban commuter railway system in all North-Rhine Westphalia (NRW). The ticket is valid starting at the beginning of the semester.
In addition, you can take somebody with you for free in the VRR- area (Düsseldorf and surroundings) only after 7.00 pm and on the weekends! However, you cannot use ICE/IC (fast trains) connections or the first-class compartments on any vehicle.

Please note that:

Each student will receive an email at the start of the semester with access to your NRW Semesterticket – this QR Code is specific to you and cannot be transferred.

Always carry a valid picture ID (i.e., ID card or passport) with you; you risk a fine if you cannot show your Semesterticket and a picture ID at a ticket control.

ShareNow is a car-sharing company in Düsseldorf and the surrounding. Once you've signed up, you can rent any of the cars you find distributed around the city or book online 30 minutes before you want to drive. Once you are at your destination, you can park and leave the vehicle. Please note that shared cars can only be used and parked within the respective city or area. Check the websites for more information. Before using car-sharing services, you first need to sign up. You will then receive a member card to open the car. 

**Please note you need a valid German driver's license to register**

For more information, or to sign up, please go to: https://www.share-now.com/de/de/dusseldorf/

  • Rhein-Taxi Düsseldorf: 0211 / 21 21 21
  • Taxi Düsseldorf: 0211 / 33333

Here's a list of useful websites for further reading:

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