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Fall 2022  ›  Bachelor of Science in International Business Administration  ›  3rd Semester  ›  Language and Intercultural Competence

Spanish III, Group 6, B2

Course Code:
Dipl.-Päd. Silvia Beatriz Garcia-Duffner
Course Type:
Language Courses
Week Hours:
Fall 2022
(Please note that exchange students obtain a higher number of credits in the BSc-program at WHU than listed here. For further information please contact directly the International Relations Office.)
Spanish Semester III, A2-B1
The main objective of the third semester is to improve the written and oral language capabilities. By business-orientated exercises the students will extend their vocabulary. Aspects of intercultural negotiation will be part of the course.
a) Grammar:
  • Past tense : Kontrast " imperfecto - indefinido"
  • Pronouns
  • Imperative/negative imperative
  • The use of prepositions, specially por/para
b) Written expression: Reading and analysis of economic texts. Selected topics taken from the book by Schnitzer/Martí.
c) Oral expression: Presentation of a Spanish region or a Latin-American country (max. 15 minutes).
Wednesday, 07/09/2022
03:30 PM till 05:45 PM
Wednesday, 14/09/2022
09:00 AM till 11:15 AM
Wednesday, 21/09/2022
09:00 AM till 11:15 AM
Wednesday, 28/09/2022
09:00 AM till 11:15 AM
Wednesday, 05/10/2022
09:00 AM till 11:15 AM
Wednesday, 12/10/2022
09:00 AM till 11:15 AM
Wednesday, 19/10/2022
09:00 AM till 11:15 AM
Tuesday, 08/11/2022
09:00 AM till 11:15 AM
Tuesday, 15/11/2022
09:00 AM till 11:15 AM
Tuesday, 22/11/2022
09:00 AM till 11:15 AM
Tuesday, 29/11/2022
09:00 AM till 11:15 AM
Tuesday, 06/12/2022
09:00 AM till 11:15 AM
Schnitzer, Johannes / Martí, Jordi: Wirtschaftsspanisch, 5. Auflage,(ISBN 978-3-486-58413-4)

Secondary literature:

Diccionario Salamanca de la Lengua Española. Español para extranjeros.
Max Hueber Verlag (ISBN 978-3-19-006370-3)

Álvarez Olañeta, Pedro und Trinidad Bonachera Álvarez. Großes Übungsbuch Spanisch.
Hueber (ISBN 978-3-19-007906-3)

Cámara Hernando, María Luz. Standardgrammatik Spanisch.
Langenscheidt (ISBN 978-3-468-34931-7)

Moriena, Claudia und Karen Genschow. Große Lerngrammatik Spanisch.
Hueber (ISBN 978- 3-19-104145-8)
Written examination (60%), oral presentation assignment (20%), class participation (20%)