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Blockchain Programming-M-

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MSc Kurs
FS 2021
Prof. Dr. Arnd Huchzermeier
Bitte beachten Sie, dass AustauschstudentInnen im BSc-Programm der WHU eine höhere Anzahl an Credits erwerben als hier aufgeführt. Für weitere Informationen wenden Sie sich bitte direkt an das [International Relations Office].
1. Blockchain Foundations: Discover the technology underpinning blockchain, understand the structure
of blockchain, and explore the scope of the blockchain industry by analyzing the scale of investment in the industry, key stakeholders, and the evolution of the industry landscape.

2. Cryptocurrencies: Explore the working mechanisms of cryptocurrencies, i.e., a medium of exchange wherein individual ownership records are stored in a ledger using cryptography to secure transaction records, control coins creation, and to facilitate transfers of coin ownership.

3. Smart Contracts: Discover how blockchain is enabling new forms of management and organization through decentralized applications, smart contracts, and new frameworks for identity and data sharing, and assess industry regulation and competitive analyses.

4a. Consensus Mechanisms: Introduction to consensus mechanisms, i.e., fault-tolerant mechanisms that are used in computer and blockchain systems to achieve the necessary agreement on a single data value or a single state of the network among distributed processes.

4b. Privacy and Anonymity: To build meaningful Blockchain-based application, the incorporation of 3rd party data sources is crucial. Module 8 introduces oracles – which perform exactly this function for the Ethereum ecosystem.

5a. Blockchain Cryptography (1): Introduction to symmetric encryption, a type of encryption where only one key (a secret key) is used to both encrypt and decrypt electronic information. This module provides the theoretical foundations for the second, Blockchain-specific module.

5b. Blockchain Cryptography (2): Introduction to public-key cryptography, or asymmetric cryptography, as well as the underlying mathematical problems used to produce one-way functions. This effective security mechanism is one of the key enablers of the Blockchain ecosystem.

6. Real-world Applications: Explore blockchain trends, investigating the market disruptions caused by technology and the impact of blockchain in industries worldwide, and develop your understanding of the WHU Blockchain Strategy framework - which you will apply to a blockchain use case.

Date Time
Friday, 08.01.2021 17:15 - 18:45
Friday, 15.01.2021 17:15 - 18:45
Tuesday, 19.01.2021 15:30 - 18:45
Thursday, 21.01.2021 15:30 - 18:45
Friday, 22.01.2021 15:30 - 18:45
Wednesday, 10.02.2021 17:15 - 18:45
Friday, 12.02.2021 17:15 - 18:45
Thursday, 18.02.2021 15:30 - 18:45
Friday, 19.02.2021 15:30 - 18:45
Friday, 26.02.2021 15:30 - 18:45
Build Your Own Blockchain (eCopy is available on Springer Link and accessible via WHU’s network)
Lectures, Readings, Labs, Exercises
  • Quizzes 40%
  • Code Project 30%
  • Presentation 30%
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