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Building and Scaling Successful Companies -E-

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MSc Kurs
FS 2022
Marco Vietor, Marco Vietor
Bitte beachten Sie, dass AustauschstudentInnen im BSc-Programm der WHU eine höhere Anzahl an Credits erwerben als hier aufgeführt. Für weitere Informationen wenden Sie sich bitte direkt an das [International Relations Office].
After setting up a start-up company, founders usually face a series of challenges when developing their start-ups into truly operating organisations that employ an increasing number of people and develop a rising level of complexity as they grow and diversify geographically and in terms of product offering.

While there are many existing lectures on specific managerial functions in a more stable corporate context (Finance, Marketing, Sales, HR, Supply chain management, Accounting, Innovation management etc. etc.) as well as lectures on general challenges of creating a start-up company (Idea origination, Business plan development, Proof of concept development), this lecture aims at teaching insights on deeply functional topics in a rapid growth company context.

The course provides content-driven lectures by WHU alumni that have experienced these challenges as founder/CEO/COO of a successful growth company (>100 Mio EUR revenue) and that have developed solutions for these functional challenges.

Students will be able to discuss real-world solutions to challenges in growth setups that are best-in class.
Central coordination will ensure that lectures are building upon each other without overlaps.

The lectures will provide students with an in-depth knowledge on challenges in growth company setups and how to overcome them by content-driven functional solutions. Moreover, the lecture will foster students’ entrepreneurial mindset as to how challenges and risks can be managed.

Date Time
Thursday, 10.03.2022 15:30 - 20:30
Friday, 11.03.2022 13:45 - 19:30
Saturday, 12.03.2022 09:45 - 13:00
Thursday, 31.03.2022 15:30 - 20:30
Friday, 01.04.2022 13:45 - 19:30
Saturday, 02.04.2022 09:45 - 15:15
There will be literature recommendations provided at the beginning of the course
Overview of lectures and founders giving these lectures:
1. From an idea to a company (Roman Kirsch, Founder of Lezara)
2. Building structures & teams (Christian Gaiser, Founder of kaufDA)
3. Securing funding (Sebastian Pollok, Founder of Amorelie)
4. Managing suppliers (Christoph Cordes, Founder of home24)
5. Diversifying the product portfolio (Dr. David Schröder, Co-Founder of Zalando)
6. Attracting customers (Mario Kohle, Founder Käuferportal/Enpal)
7. Going global (Dominik Richter, Founder of HelloFresh)
8. Controlling & steering growing organisations (Alexander Rausch, COO of Chronext)
9. Managing Complexity (Niklas Plath. Co-Founder of Flaschenpost)
10. True entrepreurship (Stephan Schubert, Founder of Onvista)
11. Developing people & mindset (Dr. Marco Vietor, Founder of audibene)
12. Going public or not (Dr. Marco Vietor, Founder of audibene)

The final grade will be a composite of quizzes, reflection notes and an exam.
The quizzes will be conducted before each lecture covering basic information about the guest lecturers´ companies. This way students can participate in educated discussions during the guest lectures.

The reflection notes will be short exercises in which students shall reflect the lessons learned to a real company.

The exam covers the key learnings from all lectures. A review session for the exam will be conducted during the last lecture.

Examination:Exam (100%, 90 minutes, open book)
No prerequisites beyond a Bachelor degree in business-related subjects
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