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Cases in Business Taxation

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BSc Kurs
HS 2021
Sven Westphälinger
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The aim of the courseCases in Business taxationis to deepen the understanding of how taxes affect business decisions, in particular, structuring of businesses in the international landscape. The course combines national and international taxation in theory and in real-life cases. The objective of the class is that students learn to understand and apply the implications of international taxation.

The course is taught by Sven Westphälinger, Partner at KPMG. There are three sessions and students are asked to attend all sessions. In the first and second session, the instructor introduces aspects of national and international taxation. In the second and third session, students present their solutions to the cases. Students work in groups.

The grading of the course is based on the case presentation, the discussion of the cases, as well as general class participation.

Additional information for WHU Students:

This course is part of the moduleBusiness Taxationthat comprises two parts. First, the lecture"Business Taxation"by Prof. Dr. Martin Jacob gives an introduction to tax planning and the effect of taxation on business decisions. To deepen the understanding of these concepts, the second part of the module is based on case studies. The course"Cases in Business Taxation"is taught by Sven Westphälinger, Partner at KPMG.

As this course is part of the module "Business Taxation", the overall grade for the module based on the exam for the lecture "Business Taxation" (50%) and the course "Cases in Business Taxation" (50%).

Date Time
Tuesday, 09.11.2021 15:30 - 18:45
Wednesday, 24.11.2021 15:30 - 18:45
Tuesday, 07.12.2021 15:30 - 18:45
die Studenten bekommen umfangreiche Handouts und zwingend erforderliche Literatur wird ebenfalls ausgeteilt
Lectures, presentations and cases
The grading of the course is based on case studies and case presentations.
Students are required to have passed the lecture "Business Taxation".
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