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Coding Course Coordination Quarter III – WHU@Codecademy

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BSc Kurs Studium Generale
FS 2023
Bitte beachten Sie, dass AustauschstudentInnen im BSc-Programm der WHU eine höhere Anzahl an Credits erwerben als hier aufgeführt. Für weitere Informationen wenden Sie sich bitte direkt an das [International Relations Office].
Access & Registration

Registration will be possible as of 15 August 2022 until 5th January 2023.

To get access to the complete course catalogue on Codecademy, you can register yourself for the waitlist of this course. In total, WHU has 150 spots available for students. These 150 spots are assigned (mostly based on “first come-first serve”) to different students for different time-slots. In the long run, WHU will assign these spots for five different time slots:

-Quarter I

-Quarter II

-Quarter III

-Quarter IV


At the beginning of each time slot, there will be a transition phase, where students from the former time slot will be disconnected from WHU’s account and new students will be invited to create an account on Codecademy and link it to WHU’s account. After you were admitted, you will receive an invitation-email from a Codecademy-account, which enables you to create a profile with your whu-email which is linked to WHU’s Codecademy-account. You are expected to activate your account within three days after receiving the notification. When you are listed as “inactive” on Codecademy and other students are still on the waitlist, WHU will remove your account and invite the next student from the waitlist.

Your progress will be saved after being disconnected from WHU’s account, but you will not have access to Pro-features anymore. You can register yourself for an individual Pro-account, though (not covered by WHU), or re-apply for the next time-slot when there are free places still. This allows you to complete paths which you started earlier.

Available Courses

While having access to WHU's account on the platform you can finish one or several courses from the catalog. You have access to the complete catalog, but the full-access (including additional content, quizzes, and certificates) is limited to Pro-Accounts. When new courses start at WHU, your membership will be changed to a standard member again, so that the spots of WHU's courses can be assigned to new participants.

The following skill paths from Codecademy can be recognized as the respective courses at WHU (see details on recognition below).

-Coding Foundations(1 cr)

-Analyze data with Python(3 cr)

-Web Development(3 cr)

-App Development(3 cr)

-Analyze financial data with Python(3 cr)

Privacy and Costs

Please note that the courses are not hosted on WHU-servers, but by Codecademy. If you want to know more aboutCodecademy's privacy policy, please visit theirrespective website. It is not mandatory to participate in these courses, therefore, consider carefully whether you want to share your data with Codecademy. When you register for this course your WHU-email-address will be shared with Codecademy to be able to create your personal account linked to WHU's account. A staff member of WHU will upload a list with all students who are registered for a respective course at WHU. Afterwards, you will receive an invitation link to create your own personal account at Codecademy under the umbrella of WHU's professional account.

There will be no additional costs for you as long as you are part of WHU's account. If you want to keep the PRO-status after your registration for one of WHU's courses has expired, you will have to sign up yourself on Codecademy's website and pay for yourself or register for one of the next time-slots at WHU.


When completing pre-defined skill paths on Codecademy (see course description "Available Courses"), students can request recognition of these skill paths at WHU. Completion requires active work on the content of the course and succesful participation in non-timed quizzes or projects which are automatically evaluated. After succesful completion of the coursework, students will receive a certificate for the course which they can upload in the Moodle course.

When you complete one of the Skill Paths linked to the courses at WHU, you can get them recognized as part of your coursework at WHU in the area of General Studies. WHU will receive a weekly report from Codecademy on the badges and certificates achieved by all accounts linked to WHU's account.

If you want to get your certificates recognized as course achievements for the respective courses at WHU and thus show up on your transcript, upload your personal certificate of completion in the respective section of the Moodle course used to coordinate the registrations for Codecademy. After the deadline for the respective course has expired, we will check all uploads.In addition, you should waitlist yourself for each course on myWHUstudies for which you uploaded a certificate on Moodle.

If you uploaded a certificate successfully within the designated timeframe, it will be recognized and graded as "passed" by WHU. We will check at the end of each time-slot wether certificates have been uploaded. Thus, it is possible to start a skill path on Codecademy and finish it in one of the next time-slots.

You can participate in as many courses or skill paths on Codecademy as you want to, but currently recognition is limited to the courses on myWHUstudies as defined above:

-Coding Foundations(1 cr)

-Analyze data with Python(3 cr)

-Web Development(3 cr)

-App Development(3 cr)

-Analyze financial data with Python(3 cr)

It is possible to complete more than one or even all skill paths within one quarter, but you should take caution not to underestimate the workload.

Future Registrations

It is possible to complete several skill paths on Codecademy and request recognition for them, either within one quarter or in sequential quarters or semesters. Since WHU has a limit of 100 on the maximum number of students enrolled at the same time on the account of WHU, enrollment will be based on priorities and “first come, first serve”. If not enough slots are available to satisfy demand first priority will be given to those students who did not yet participate in one of these courses and/ or have been waitlisted in the past. Second priority will be given to students who already registered for a coding course in the past and finished it successfully. Third priority will be given to students who registered for a coding course in the past but did not finish it successfully.

This course is only to coordinate the distribution of WHU's licences on the learning platform "Codecademy".To get a spot in the Codecademy courses at the corresponding quarter, please waitlist yourself for this course.

You have to register for the individual courses to have them recognized after you got access to Codecademy and completed the courses.

To have your courses recognized, please follow these steps:

1. Complete the Skill Path on Codecademy

2. Register at mywhustudies for a waitlist of a course you want to get recognized (Coding Foundations, Analyze data with Python, Web Development, App Development, Analyze financial data with Python).

3. Upload your certificate in an appropriate section in Moodlebefore the deadline.

In this time slot you get access to Codecademy from January 5 until February 28, 2023. The certificates should be uploaded in Moodle by March 14, 2023.

Depends on chosen skill path(s)
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