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PTMBA2021 Workshop Design Thinking

Design Thinking aims to create user-focused innovation by providing the needed and flexible space for an interdisciplinary team working in an iterative approach. 
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FS 2021
Hardy Kuhn, Hardy Kuhn
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  • Leveraging Business Opportunities through Design Thinking - Unlock hidden potential within your company and establish long-term success.
    Need to navigate uncertain times or develop new business ideas? Learn how to make use of Design Thinking: a transformational tool that can help your organization develop solutions, services and experiences that resonate with your customers.

During this fully interactive online workshop spread over two modules (2 days), you will learn and apply design thinking and other agile tools which will help you generate stable business models beyond volatile developments. You will get to know various transformational skills which can help you stay innovative and gain competitive advantage in times of crisis. We have designed this online workshop to give you a practical understanding of the essentials Design Thinking skills and mindset. This online workshop is delivered live, in a highly interactive fashion and includes group work.

Case studies & best practices:

Relevant case studies & best practicees related to design thinking, business model generation

Problem Statement:

Understand the problem you want to solve without jumping into solutions


Get beyond your assumptions by putting yourself in the shoes of the people you're designing for.

Introduction 'from ideas to action':

An introduction to three approaches that will get you from ideas to action: ideation, prototyping, and iteration.

The art of ideation:

Get comfortable with generating an abundance of ideas, even ones that might seem ridiculous at first.

Business Model Generation:

Learn about the different business models & how to apply on your learning example.

Rapid Prototyping:

Learn how to make your ideas tangible so you can share, get feedback, and push them even further.

Feedback & Testing:

Learn how to get valid customer feedback and how you design relevant test cases.

Itrate your way forward:

Learn how to move your ideas forward through multiple rounds of ideations and prototyping.

Course Conclusion:

Wrap up with summarizing your key takeaways and highlighting your plans for the future.

Date Time
Saturday, 19.06.2021 09:45 - 17:00
Sunday, 20.06.2021 08:45 - 16:00
  • Master the skills you need to sustain creative and design thinking capabilities
  • Acquire the mindset and managerial levers you need to develop for an innovative organizational culture
  • Equip you with a methodology to put design thinking into action
  • Learn how you can solve problems creatively in any setting by collaborating with your design thinking coach
  • Participate in ‘Action Learning’ to apply the learning in your professional context
  • Receive feedback from a design coach who has experience innovating through business design practice
    • Online Course
    • Digital Faciliation with Zoom & MURAL
    • Action Learning Workshop Sessions
    • Case Studies
    • Peer-Coaching
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