FIBAA Accreditation

FIBAA System Accreditation

In 2012, WHU successfully passed the system accreditation process, supervised and evaluated by the accreditation agency FIBAA, as one of the first German Business Schools. The process was concluded without conditions with the awarding of the quality seal of the Accreditation Council. The experts and the commissioners certified WHU a quality culture that is supported by a broad awareness of quality in the university. They concluded that the full quality assurance system of the Business School guarantees a very high quality in teaching and learning. Furthermore, the quality assurance system draws from the fact that all stakeholders are closely involved.

Key aspect of the system accreditation is the school’s internal quality assurance system. A successfully completed accreditation means that all programs that have been approved by the quality assurance system are automatically accredited for a defined period. In the course of the system accreditation, structures and processes, which are relevant for academic studies and teaching, are being assessed in terms of assuring conformity with the qualification targets and a high quality of the study programs, during which the European Standards and Guidelines for Quality Assurance in Higher Education (ESG), the guidelines of the Conference of German Cultural Ministers (KMK) and the criteria of the Accreditation Council are applied.

A positive system accreditation certifies the school that its internal quality assurance system for teaching and learning is suitable to assure the achievement of qualification targets and standards for its programs. Following a successful system accreditation, separate program accreditations are no longer necessary.

In 2010 and 2011, all study programs have still been accredited by the FIBAA. Furthermore, the Bachelor Program, the Full-Time MBA Program and the Kellogg-WHU Executive MBA Program were awarded the Premium Seal as a special award. All new programs introduced since 2012 (Master in Finance (MSc) and Master in Entrepreneurship (MSc)) have been accredited by WHU as a system-accredited university. Likewise, all existing programs have been successfully re-accredited internally. Thus, all WHU programs bear the seal of the German Accreditation Council.