Online payment of rent

To pay the rent together with our partner Paypal, please click on the yellow Paypal button below. 
Before proceeding with the payment, please read the following instructions carefully:

  • To pay with PayPal, please register with Paypal first.
  • It is important that the names of those who register at Paypal and then pay the rent and deposit, are identical with those who sent their registration forms by mail.
  • For the registration at Paypal, no fees are charged. To prepare the money transfer, you will need to enter your name and surname, address, country, and that you pay by credit card.
  • Then you can continue to pay the rent and deposit for your apartment during your stay at WHU. Please enter the amount that you are going to pay according to your offered and accepted accomodation.
  • Only after the payment procedure is completed, you will receive your rental booking confirmation.