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Benefit from an extensive network: Stay connected with WHU after graduation and get involved in the WHU community.

In Praxi Campus Relations - connection and commitment to the alumni network.

The financial support of WHU represents a very important but by no means exclusive part of the In Praxi members' commitment to their alma mater. The In Praxi members' idealistic commitment to their strong alumni network and the university with its students is manifold:

  • In Praxi members participate in WHU's admissions tests as examiners.
  • They are active as WHU Alumni Ambassadors worldwide.
  • They give numerous interesting guest lectures at WHU.
  • They act as mentors for the In Praxi Junior Mentoring Program and the In Praxi Mentoring Program.
  • They are jury members in the annual In Praxi Outstanding Thesis Awards.
  • They are involved as heads of the In Praxi Regional Chapters and Communities. 
  • Last but not least, they regularly develop fresh ideas for promoting the WHU and In Praxi network!


Caroline Vaessen
Caroline Vaessen
Strategic Project Management

In Praxi Outstanding Thesis Awards

In recognition of excellence!

The In Praxi Awards for Outstanding Thesis are presented annually to graduates who not only stand out academically but also address a question that is relevant beyond business and to society as a whole. They generate novel insights and have a clear potential for impact.

Your support matters - Get in touch!

In Praxi isn't just a way to keep in touch with classmates – it is involved in a number of projects, all committed to fostering the school's successful development. See our current projects below and find out how your support can influence the school and its future generations of students.

In Praxi Diversity Scholarship
Diversity matters. In Praxi launched the In Praxi Diversity Scholarship about ten years ago, and we have already supported more than 30 talented young people to provide young qualified applicants from foreign countries with financial aid. In Praxi is convinced that a diverse student body coupled with stringent selection criteria is a valuable asset to the WHU community.
In Praxi Learning Center
The In Praxi Learning Center has a notable presence on Campus Vallendar. The infrastructure provides an important platform for all academic endeavors, and the working environment offers appropriate facilities and equipment for vital teaching and research while also providing the opportunity for engagement, interaction, and inspiration. Thank you to all alumni who have already supported this case! Your donations make a significant and immediate impact on the quality of the WHU experience for our students.
WHU Entrepreneurship Center
In Praxi has been promoting the Entrepreneurship@WHU topic for a long time. Currently, the WHU Entrepreneurship Center is financially supported. Under the academic direction of Professor Christoph Hienerth, the WHU Entrepreneurship Center focuses on the support and coaching of students and the development of the Entrepreneurship Ecosystem.

Contact us to support In Praxi

Klaudia Wilde
Klaudia Wilde
Alumni Fundraising / WHU Foundation

Foundation In Praxi

Klaudia Wilde, +49 211 44709 108

German Bank Details
Account 4016028
Bank Code 57050120, Sparkasse Koblenz

International Bank Details
IBAN DE73570501200004016028
BIC MALA DE 51 KOB, Sparkasse Koblenz

Please contact us for details on transnational giving.