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Discover the unique network of In Praxi - WHU Alumni Association, WHU's alumni association, and stay in touch with your fellow students and your alma mater for a lifetime.

Become a member

From the moment students arrive on campus, they are welcomed into the WHU community. Our alumni form the backbone of this unique network, and we believe in the power of sharing your collective knowledge and experience.

As a member of In Praxi, you will have the opportunity to maintain contact with the school and classmates across degree programs, graduating classes, and professions. In addition, In Praxi offers its members a variety of services, events, and benefits to support you no matter where life takes you:

  1. Join In Praxi’s calendar of 100+ events around the world each year
  2. Enhance your job search with In Praxi’s Alumni Career Service
  3. Access the Lifelong Learning Program to take part in continuous personal and professional development
  4. Connect with other WHU graduates to forge new relationships based on a shared history and community
  5. Receive the “Red Book”, the In Praxi member directory that is annually updated and distributed exclusively to WHU's alumni In Praxi members

Who can become a member?

Anyone who has graduated from WHU with a federally recognized academic degree can become a full member of In Praxi. Current and former professors and WHU employees, as well as former exchange students at WHU and graduates of the WHU Executive Education Programs: General Management Plus and General Management in Sports Business, can become friends of In Praxi. In addition, WHU students can join In Praxi. 

Honorary memberships may also be awarded at the suggestion of a board member and with the approval of the general membership meeting.

Events and Services

In Praxi Job Offers

In Praxi provides members with exclusive access to job opportunities from well-known companies and personnel recruiters. All offers are reviewed carefully on the basis of internal criteria before they are published. In Praxi members can find a list of the current offers in the member portal under myinpraxi.org, and can also opt to receive selected types of offers via e-mail.

Job placement for companies

Are you looking for qualified WHU alumni with at least 3 years of professional experience? Then you are right with us! The Alumni Career Service of In Praxi enables companies and personnel recruiters to publish their vacancies in the alumni network. The publication is initially free of charge. (A fee is charged in case of a placement).

How can I place a job offer?

Job offers can be published either on myinpraxi.org (for members) or via guest form (for external users).

Before you start entering your job description, please contact our team: info(at)in-praxi.org.

In Praxi’s WHU Alumni Career Day has been an essential part of the In Praxi event calendar for many years. Outstanding personnel consultants who work for well-known consulting firms in the field of executive search are invited to the event and they offer individual coaching sessions for In Praxi members. The aim of the sessions is first and foremost a personal assessment of the current situation, but they can also serve the goal of changing one's career currently or in the foreseeable future. At the same time, coaching conversations can lead to the development of a long-term relationship with the personnel consultant.

Next appointment: April 19, 2024

The In Praxi Summer Reunion offers an exclusive conference program and the excellent opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with other WHU alumni.

In Praxi Summer Reunion Conference 2023 - Program (.pdf)

Registration via In Praxi Online Community or email the In Praxi team: info(at)in-praxi.org.

For more than 10 years, In Praxi and WHU have jointly hosted this celebratory event on the WHU Campus in Vallendar. Whether at the brunch on the Burgplatz, the leisure program around the Burgplatz and Marienburk, the campus tours with WHU students, and the traditional campus update with the Dean or at the evening dinner in the WHU Gewölbekeller - the WHU spirit is omnipresent at this event. The WHU Alumni Homecoming takes place annually in late summer on the WHU Campus in Vallendar.

Save the Date!
WHU Alumni Homecoming 2024
August 31 // WHU Campus Vallendar

Questions about the WHU Alumni Homecoming can be answered by the In Praxi Office Team: +49 (0)261/921 396 0 or via info(at)in-praxi.org.

For its members, In Praxi concludes exclusive cooperations with partner companies of different branches. In Praxi members receive the products and services of these Benefit Partners at exclusively discounted conditions.

In addition to access to the "WHU Alumni" target group, Member Benefit Partners have the opportunity to introduce new products and services, promote offers and gain multipliers. We introduce new benefit partnerships once with an editorial article in the In Praxi member portal as well as in the member magazine Keep in Touch! and we permanently include the offer in the overview of member benefit partnerships. Cooperation agreements are concluded with WHU alumni entrepreneurs as well as with external providers and service providers.

You wish to realize a Member Benefit Partnership with In Praxi? 

Please contact our team: info(at)in-praxi.org.

Keep in touch!

The In Praxi member magazine Keep in touch! reflects the ideals and goals of the organization and is published exclusively for In Praxi members, who receive four copies per year, free of charge.

On 32-36 pages, In Praxi reports about the latest developments in the Alumni network and on the WHU Campus. Keep in Touch! publishes portraits of interesting alumni and keeps the members informed about In Praxi’s latest events and services. A particularly popular feature is “Class Notes,” where alumni contribute news about their personal and professional lives. The In Praxi member magazine also offers the opportunity to announce products and services and to establish contacts for jobs and joint projects. (Only for members or WHU students: Business Contacts, editorial Start-up-article.)

Advertise in the Keep in touch!

The In Praxi member magazine is highly valued by its readers. Thanks to the limited amount of space allocated to advertisements in Keep in touch!, every ad receives a great deal of attention. If you are interested in placing an advertisement or if you have any questions about the in Praxi member magazine please contact our team: info(at)in-praxi.org.