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FTMBA 2021_II Managerial Finance

Course code
Course type
FT MBA Course
Weekly Hours
HS 2020
Prof. Dr. Besim Burcin Yurtoglu
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This course covers the foundations of financial decision making. The theoretical guideline of the course is inspired by two major paradigms, neoclassical economics and behavioral economics. Given the introductory nature of the material, the teaching style relies on discussions based on case studies. The case discussions will be accompanied by classical class teaching to provide a background understanding of the cases. The instructor expects the participants to read the cases and think about the central problem analyzed in the case prior coming to class. We will discuss the course material together with the questions pertaining to the cases


Investment decisions under certainty

Investment decisions under uncertainty

Portfolio theory

Financial Instruments

Behavioral Finance

Date Time
Wednesday, 30.09.2020 09:45 - 17:00
Thursday, 01.10.2020 09:45 - 17:00
Wednesday, 07.10.2020 09:45 - 17:00
Thursday, 08.10.2020 09:45 - 15:15
Friday, 23.10.2020 23:50 - 23:55

Proficiency in applying theoretical knowledge oninvestment decision rules, portfolio formation, andfinancial instruments in real world settings.

Textbook: Brealey, Richard A., Stewart C. Myers, and Franklin Allen: Principles of Corporate Finance - Global Edition, McGraw Hill. [latest edition]. (hereafter BMA) Cases:Case #1 Warren Buffett – 2005Case #2 Investment Analysis and Lockheed Tri Star (HBS 9-291-031)Case #3: Beta Management Co. (HBS 292122)Case #4: Keller Fund's Option Investment StrategiesCourse Pack: The required course packet contains all the material for the class, except the for the textbook, which will be available separately.
50% Written Take Home Exam, 15% Participation, 35% Case Study
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