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FTMBA 2022_I Workshop Platform Economy: Introduction to modern digital business models

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FT MBA Course
Weekly Hours
HS 2021
Hamidreza Hosseini
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Hamidreza Hosseini has more than 23 years of experience in management consulting, primarily as an executive at various globally active IT/TK Dax-listed Companies, as well as as a founder of various startups. After completing further education at MIT (Platform Economy and agile Digitalization) and at Y Combinator (MarketEntry& Traction and Growth Measures), he has been advising companies since 2013 on digital issues. In 2016 he founded ECODYNAMICS GmbH, which combines his focus on the platform economy and digitalization with strategy creation, conception,development, and implementation for measures regarding market entry, traction and growth. In addition, he regularly conducts lectures and workshops (i.e. ShareBW, Bitkom, Online B2B, DLR, Banking Club, Rotary Club, STARTPLATZ, Solution Space, Digihub Cologne, IHK DigitalCologne, T-Gallery and various universities).

Workshop Platform Economy: Introduction to modern digital business models (FT MBA LV), FS 2021

Learn about the

  • how platform economy changes the global markets and beat traditional businesses
  • basics of the platform business models
  • how to design your own platform strategy and validate your platform business idea
  • core elements of a successful platform business model and platform company
  • overview of the phases of a platform business model project
  • Critical success factors of a platform business model (Requirements, Readiness, Ecosystems Dynamics, Chicken-Egg-Problem, Lock-In-Effects, Inverse Strategies, Company Building ..)
Date Time
Monday, 08.11.2021 08:45 - 16:00
Tuesday, 09.11.2021 08:45 - 16:00
Learn more about:
    1. The performance of platforms based on their market cap and the development of platform markets in B2C/B2B
    2. The market position of Germany/Europe in the platform markets
    3. The secrets behind: why platform business models shifting existing global markets, market volumes, capital structures and platform market meta-structure
    4. Overview about the platform generations and the core elements and basic building blocks of successful platform models
    5. How modern information-economy, ecosystem-driven platform business models replacing (traditional) linear service and product business models
    6. Develop the right platform strategy and platform vision: define the right strategy approach, verify a platform idea and validate the business model
    7. The elements of a platform business model
    8. How to

i. develop a platform business model,

ii. engineer an ecosystem,

iii. develop networked alliances and interactions

iv. and develop the network effects

    1. Fundamental elements for creating a "Financial Projection" in the context of a platform project
    2. Critical success factors for companies in developing strategies and business models in all project phases

i. Strategy development

ii. Pre-requisitions

iii. Ideation and validation, value statement

iv. Building and outlining a business concept

v. Develop dynamic ecosystems and dynamic interactions

vi. Financial Projection and Modeling

vii. Operational readiness

        1. Governance
        2. Cooperation
        3. Operations (Ready 2 Deliver, Ready 2 Service, Ready 2 Sales)
        4. Company Building
        5. KPIs and Hurdle-Rates

viii. Gotomarket

        1. Chicken-And-Egg-Problem
        2. Lock-In-Effect
        3. Capabilities und Capacities

ix. Traction and growth

x. Measure and adjust

Pre-Readings:How Healthy Is Your Business Ecosystem? (mit.edu)How Platform Strategies Continue to Create Value (mit.edu)Platform Scaling, Fast and Slow (mit.edu)Competing on Platforms (mit.edu)The Future of Platforms (mit.edu)Beyond a ‘Winner-Takes-All’ Strategy for Platforms (mit.edu)How Digital Platforms Have Become Double-Edged Swords (mit.edu)Three Lessons From Germany’s Platform Economy (mit.edu)The Rising Risk of Platform Regulation (mit.edu)Additional Reading Recommendations:https://mobile.nytimes.com/2017/03/21/magazine/platform-companies-are-becoming-more-powerful-but-what-exactly-do-they-want.htmlhttps://hbr.org/2016/04/pipelines-platforms-and-the-new-rules-of-strategyhttps://hbr.org/insight-center/the-platform-economyPlatform Revolution: How Networked Markets Are Transforming the Economy--And How to Make Them Work for YouPlatform Scale: How an emerging business model helps startups build large empires with minimum investmentJust for your interest:https://innovation.mit.edu/Just for your interest:https://digital.hbs.edu/
  • Online-Learning-Nuggets
  • Interaction in some important subject matters based on case studies or invented cases
  • Involvement of external speakers
  • Q&A Sessions
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