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Money, Banking, and Financial Markets

Course code
Course type
BSc Course
Weekly Hours
HS 2023
Prof. Dr. Ralf Fendel
Please note that exchange students obtain a higher number of credits in the BSc-program at WHU than listed here. For further information please contact directly the International Relations Office.
  1. The Structure of the Financial System
  2. Interest Rate Determination
  3. Functioning of Financial Markets
  4. Role of Financial Institutions and Financial Intermadiation
  5. Central Banks
  6. Money Creation and Monetary Policy
  7. Regulation of Financial Markets
Date Time
Monday, 04.09.2023 08:00 - 11:15
Monday, 11.09.2023 08:00 - 11:15
Monday, 18.09.2023 08:00 - 11:15
Monday, 25.09.2023 08:00 - 11:15
Monday, 02.10.2023 08:00 - 11:15
Monday, 09.10.2023 08:00 - 11:15
Students will be able to understand and analyze the developments in the financial markets. They will learn how prices are formed in the financial markets and what influence central banks have on them. They will gain the competence to anticipate future developments in the financial markets and to assess risks. This will enable them, for example, to make competent investment decisions.
Cecchetti, S.G., and K.L. Schoenholtz, 2021: Money, Banking, and Financial Markets, 6th edition, McGraw-Hill
Lectures, Problem Sets, Classroom Discussion
Written Exam
Grundlagen der Marktwirtschaft
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