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PTMBA 2024 Omnichannel Business

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PT MBA Lecture
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FS 2024
Prof. Dr. Martin Fassnacht
Please note that exchange students obtain a higher number of credits in the BSc-program at WHU than listed here. For further information please contact directly the International Relations Office.

Digitalization in all its technological facets is going to radically change the traditional retail landscape. New players enter the market and challenge business models of established companies. Consumers adapt their purchasing behavior and increasingly expect a seamless shopping experience. Simultaneously, the influence of companies on consumers decreases due to the Internet‘s information transparency.

Companies have to adapt to this changing environment if they want to successfully face digital transformation. This course focuses on how Omnichannel Business can be used to realize consumer-centric growth in the digital age. With the core topics Omnichannel Strategy, Omnichannel Marketing, and Omnichannel Sales the course conveys a conceptual framework, theoretical foundations, as well as numerous practical applications of Omnichannel Business.

Core topics:

1. Omnichannel Strategy: Challenges of the Digital Age, Strategies for Melting Physical and Digital World, Generating Omnichannel Consumer Insights (e.g., big data)

2. Omnichannel Marketing: Omnichannel Product and Category Management, Omnichannel Price Management, Cross-Media and Omnichannel Communications

3. Omnichannel Sales: Omnichannel Customer Relationship Management, Sales Channel Choices and Coordination, Omnichannel Fulfilment

Date Time
Saturday, 08.06.2024 09:00 - 16:30
Sunday, 09.06.2024 09:00 - 16:30
Sunday, 07.07.2024 09:00 - 16:30
Monday, 29.07.2024 23:50 - 23:55
Students participating in this course will gain advanced knowledge in omnichannel business, with a high emphasis on managerial practice. Theories and managing practices are supported by current examples that are embedded in the lecture and by high profile guest lectures that further provide practical examples to apply the learned theory to real life. Another focus lies on engaging the students’ critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

The course enhances the following categories of competences:

  • factual knowledge (e.g., terminology, characteristics of omnichannel management),
  • management capacities (e.g., how to leverage channel interaction),
  • global knowledge (e.g., different industries, innovations, consumer insights),
  • critical thinking (e.g., class discussions) and
  • practical knowledge (e.g., guest lectures)
The course combines lectures, class room discussions, case studies and guest lectures from experts.

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