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Quantitative Research Methods

Course code
Course type
BSc Course
Weekly Hours
HS 2020
Prof. Dr. Michael Massmann
Please note that exchange students obtain a higher number of credits in the BSc-program at WHU than listed here. For further information please contact directly the International Relations Office.
The purpose of this course is to introduce modern econometric techniques and apply them to real world data sets. The material covered in this course includes an in-depth analysis of the linear regression model, least-squares estimation and statistical inference in this setting. Subsequently, nonlinear regression models are discussed and an introduction to panel data as well as stationary time series analysis is given. Empirical data sets are taken from finance and macroeconomics.
Date Time
Monday, 07.09.2020 11:30 - 15:15
Monday, 07.12.2020 11:30 - 15:15
By the end of this course, students will have a sound understanding of fundamental
econometric techniques and will be able to apply them to real world data sets using
modern software.
The entire course relies on the following text. Stock, J. H. & M. W. Watson (2015). Introduction to Econometrics. 3rd updated ed. Boston: Pearson.ISBN: 9781292071312.URL: http://wps.pearsoned.co.uk/ema_ge_stock_ieupdate_3
The course takes the form of interactive lectures with exercises: on the one hand, theoretical material is presented and illustrated by means of empirical examples using the R statistical computing environment; on the other hand, participants are given exercises to practice the use of newly-learned concepts, both conceptually and on the computer.
written exam
Familiarity with the topics covered in Statistics I and II is assumed.
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