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Transportation Management

Transportation is one of the fastest growing global industries.Transportation is one of the fastest growing global industries. Travel and Logistics are the major backbone of our global business and a core element of private life. The objective of this course is to give a comprehensive introduction into the challenges and best-practices of management of global industry players like passenger airlines or logistics companies. Such a management best practice includes a deeper understanding of the underlying industry dynamics, and the outline of superior strategies as well as commercial and operational management practices of selected industry segments. The course will also highlight some specific future trends and new management approaches illustrating a way to a long-term sustainable industry.
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Course type
MSc Course
Weekly Hours
FS 2019
Dr. Jürgen Ringbeck
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Date Time
Thursday, 07.03.2019 15:30 - 18:45
Friday, 08.03.2019 09:45 - 13:00
Wednesday, 13.03.2019 11:30 - 17:00
Wednesday, 27.03.2019 15:30 - 18:45
Tuesday, 16.04.2019 13:45 - 18:45
Hensher, David A./Brewer, Ann M. (2001): Transport: an economicsand management perspective. Oxford: Oxford University Press.Doganis, Rigas (2006): The airline business, 2. ed. London - NewYork: Routledge.Aberle, Gerd (2009): Transportwirtschaft, 5. ed. Munchen: OldenbourgWissenschaftsverlag.
Out-of class case (40%), in-class case and participation (20%), final exam (40%)
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