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UX & UI Design (in cooperation with Le Wagon)

Course code
Course type
BSc Course General Studies
Weekly Hours
FS 2019
Prof. Dr. Ralf Fendel
Please note that exchange students obtain a higher number of credits in the BSc-program at WHU than listed here. For further information please contact directly the International Relations Office.


Airbnb changed the way people travel, Netflix changed the way people entertain themselves, Slack changed the way people communicate at work. Why are these services so successful? They identified a strong need and built a great user experience around it.

Learning Objective: build your app's prototype

The UX & UI Design course will enable students to collaborate much more efficiently with designers and developers throughout their career. It guides them through the process of designing a digital product (e.g. a web or mobile application): from understanding a user's pain to drafting a solution and finally building and testing an interactive mock-up. In short, students will learn how to build a product that responds to the needs of the market. They will also become familiar with the usual design workflow for any digital product (user research / wireframe / user tests / mock-up / UX analytics).

Targeted Skills

- Define UX personas and user journeys for the most important tasks of your application.

- Draw user flows to model your user journeys.

- Build an interactive prototype using professional design tools (Figma)

- Run user tests to collect feedback and validate your design Learn the basics of visual identity

- In-depth understanding of designers' workflow

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