Team Dean's Office

The Dean's Office team, the Public Relations team and the Marketing team are directly reporting to the dean and are supporting him regarding strategic projects and further development in the fields of  strategy, rankings, marketing, public relations, and day-to-day business.

Dean of WHU

Professor Dr.

Markus Rudolf



Personal Assistant to the Dean

Photo of Kerstin  Nicolai

Kerstin Nicolai

Personal Assistant to the Dean/Persönliche Assistentin des Rektors


Photo of Marianne  Diel

Marianne Diel

Personal Assistant to the Dean/Persönliche Assistentin des Rektors


Diana Stasch

Personal Assistant Dean's Office


Stephanie Krause

Project Assistant Dean's Office


Dean's Office

Strategic Projects and Business School Management
Photo of Katrin  Baedorf


Katrin Baedorf

Director Dean's Office


Photo of Gerald  Ernst

Gerald Ernst

Project Manager Dean's Office


Photo of Linh  Dao

Linh Dao

Junior Project Manager


Photo of Manuela  Grüber

Manuela Grüber

Project Manager Dean's Office


Photo of Verena  Wieland

Verena Wieland

Director Marketing
and Online Sales Unit


Photo of Stefanie  Meder

Stefanie Meder

Marketing Manager


Photo of Judith  Wallace


Judith Wallace

Marketing Manager


Monika Kostecka

Marketing Manager


Photo of Daniel  Soreda

Daniel Soreda

Digital Media Manager


Photo of Agon  Syla

Agon Syla

Junior Digital Media Manager


Public Relations


Jennifer Willms

Spokesperson / Director Public Relations

Room: A-204


Photo of Caterina  Riepe


Caterina Riepe

Junior Manager Public Relations

Room: DUS 5.1.04


Photo of Xenia  Eichmann


Xenia Eichmann

Volontärin Public Relations / Trainee Public Relations

Room: A-203

+49 261 6509-541